Playtest v2.0.0 released!

Not a lot of words for this update but definitely a lot of relief. Here's a change log in brief:

  • Shifter origin ability has been better defined.
  • Background abilities have been better defined.
  • Verbage for XP triggers has been changed.
  • Typos fixed in text.
  • Term change: Coin is now Large.
  • Term change: The Young Turks are now the Young Bucks.
  • Added small notes for future updates.
  • New mechanics: Personal Heat & Lay Low; Flack, Distrust, and Give Back.
  • Changes to Heat.
  • Added new quotes.

Let you know about your experiences with the new mechanics and how they feel if you decide to playtest!


Character Sheets v2.0.0.pdf 445 kB
Nov 24, 2018
NYC Quickstart v2.0.0.pdf 401 kB
Nov 24, 2018
Text v2.0.0.pdf 669 kB
Nov 24, 2018
Zipped 1 MB
Nov 24, 2018

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