v2.0.2! Community has finally arrived!

Okay, Misbehavin' has been updated ahead of PAX Unplugged! We got community rules, a community sheet, changes to Heat, some typo fixes and more! It's all in the change log if you want to read it. Also, it looks like I never uploaded v2.0.1... Whoops? Those changes are there too though. I think. 

If you're also headed to Unplugged and want to check out this game, I'll be willing to run it. Keep up with me on Twitter for where I'm planning to be and when.


Character Sheets v2.0.2 468 kB
Nov 27, 2019
Text v2.0.2.pdf 820 kB
Nov 27, 2019
Misbehavin' Playtest Bundle v2.0.2.zip 1 MB
Nov 27, 2019

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